MRYC 1st Century

In 1999 the Manasquan River Yacht Club celebrated its first 100 years.  As part of that celebration a committee of club members researched the history of the club by searching club records and newspaper archives and by seeking recollections of long-time members.  All this information was compiled and condensed into a book authored by club member Nancy Stark McFadden.  This book is made available here in electronic form for your enjoyment.

Manasquan River Yacht Club:  100 Years Revisited 1899-1999

Manasquan River Yacht Club:  Our 2nd Century

2000 – 2009

These 10 years brought many physical enhancements to the club that are enjoyed by members today, including: 

  • Docks were rebuilt and the harbor dredged
  • Pavers replaced the dusty stone driveway
  • The Tennis shed was added, and the tennis deck redone
  • The Pool got a heater for the first time,  allowing an earlier season opening
  • Inside, on the Club’s upper deck, brass chandeliers replaced the original tin ones and a large flat-screen TV was installed on the west wall peak
  • In a nod to technology, an email member roster was compiled allowing much of the communication with membership now to be conducted via email

2010 to present

  • 2010  More technology: online signups  begin for Junior sailing and Club events, and credit cards accepted for payment of some charges
  • 2011      New metal “mast” flagpole replaces the old wooden pole, and is moved closed to the Club house
  • 2011/12  Perhaps most significant, in 2011 the property adjacent to the Club to the east, originally sold to the Wright family in 1967, was reacquired by MRYC.  In 2012, the house on that land was torn down, in anticipation of building a Junior Sailing Center there.
  • 2012         Sunfishes are introduced at MRYC with an adult series every other Friday evening in summer.  At the same time, the  Auxiliary Series was cancelled due to a lack of entries.
  • 2012        First female Commodore in MRYC’s 113-year history, Nancy Kerr, takes“the watch.”
  • 2012        Present-day MRYC clubhouse turns 50 in July.
  • 2012        MRYC hosts BBYRA Commodores and Officers at a special event with US Sailing President Gary Jobson – a Toms River native and former Americas Cup sailor — to kick off plans for BBYRA’s 100th Anniversary in 2014. MRYC initiates Junior Tennis/Pool/Dock &Harbor Program in which Junior Committee members work side by side with the Senior Committee members.
  • 2012        Long-time member and chef extraordinaire Ron Boedart is the first recipient of MRYC’s “Volunteer of the Year” award for outstanding service to the club.
  • 2012        MRYC member John Harkrader is inducted into the BBYRA Sailing Hall of Fame.
  • 2012        Super storm Sandy devastates the New Jersey coast in the last week of October, severely damaging the lower deck of our Clubhouse, HVAC and electrical systems, boathouse, docks and grounds. It would be
    months before the Clubhouse was up and running after a huge volunteer effort by MRYC members.